CASTO Chapter #3

San Diego & Imperial Counties


Get Involved, Learn, Prepare, GO!

Special Needs Roadeo is February 2, 2019
Special Needs Workshop is March 9, 2019

SAVE the these dates! The Special Neesd Workshop and Roadeo will be here before you know it. ALREADY in September of 2018 we have an amazing speaker lineup planned! We are calling out favors and friends to inspire, teach, and answer your questions.
SN Roadeo Fans: Get out the gear, mark the lot and start practicing! This a fun learning roadeo.

CASTO 3 Roadeo
April 6, 2019

Get them SPURS on peeps! Registration will be available FEB 2019. See you there partner!

November 7, 2018
Poster Contest Deadline!
Theme: Red Lights Mean STOP!

This year we have a short turnaround for the poster contest. This is a SUPER exciting event for our youngsters to participate in. YOU can submit on the behalf of your kiddos (with a teacher signature). 
VOTING will be at the November 10, 2018 workshop. 
Contact Lauren Murphy for printable instructions and questions. OR visit: - to download instructions - send to Lauren Murphy by Nov 7, 2018.

November 10, 2018

SUPER CLOSE! We have an amazing speaker lineup in the process. You will NOT be disappointed. Registration will be available as soon as we nail the workshop location. 
If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts - just want to talk - contact Jeannette!

SECTIONAL & STATE Championship Roadeo:

CHECK for more information

CASTO Business 
Management Forum

CASTO STATE Conference

CASTO STATE Board Meetings

Here's the Why You Should Participate:

CASTO Chapter 3 provides several opportunities for School Transportation Professionals to receive, and participate in a variety of learning and skill building workshops and events. included in these workshops are classes for drivers, monitors, mechanics, dispatchers, instructors, management, and more! 

Attendees stay abreast of current trends, laws, news, regulations, proposed legislation, and review current practices. Roadeo participants compete against each other utilizing precision skills in timed and measured events. These participants practice for hours prior to competition. As a result, participants enhance their safe driving skills in day-to-day activities.